Here’s How You Can Make McDonald’s French Fries at Home

Here's How You Can Make McDonald's French Fries at Home

It was only a few months back that McDonald’s revealed some insights into its methods of making french fries at its food chain. A really nifty tutorial by PopSugar has now popped up on the internet which explains how one can make those crispy french fries at home. The best part is that you do not require any chemical additives such as sodium acid pyrophosphate and citric acid in the process.


The only real challenge involved is that this process requires a lot of labour. That is certainly more complicated than casually walking to your nearest McDonald’s outlet and ordering some fries. However, this would surely save you from chemical additives that usually form part of the mix at McDonald’s. A video released by McDonald’s explains that their recipe comprises 19 ingredients.

So then, you simply need the following items to make yourself crispy french fries at home: corn syrup, beef lard, peanut oil, potatoes, salt and water.