Bird Makes Huge Dent Into Nose Of Boeing 737 Airplane

Bird Makes Huge Dent Into Nose Of Boeing 737 Airplane 1

Jet aircrafts can be huge and quite spacious. Take Being 737-800 for that matter. The jet aircraft is as long as 130 feet, weighing greater than 70 tonnes when it is taking off. In addition, it has over 150 seats to accommodate passengers. The interesting point to ponder is, what would be the fate of this monster of an airplane when a bird hits in right in the nose. The gist of it is, there will be quite a big dent.

bird hits plane nose


This is something that happened on the past Tuesday during a domestic flight of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Nevsehir. While flight TK2004 was ready for a landing, a bird hit the plane in the face causing a big dent in the nose cone. It is fortunate that no injuries were sustained by any of the 125 passengers on board as the pilot of the aircraft was able to safely land it.

Bird collision

Flight-Report, a flight review website, was the first to post pictures hat demonstrate the awful amount of damage the bird caused to the plane’s nose cone. It is only natural to wonder how one bird could cause such a massive dent. A spokesperson from Turkish Airlines clarified that this is not exactly the first time something like this has happened given that the nose cone of an aircraft is pretty delicate.


A nose cone is made up of soft materials which tend to reduce the effect of any collisions such as this. Dr. Ali Genc from Turkish Airlines explained that this explains why we see the nose cone deform upon such an impact. The more critical hits are those that target the engine area. Dr. Genc went on to clarify that any hits to the wings, nose cone or hull are not as risky and life threatening.

As you would expect, there was quite a lot of response from social media on the matter. Twitter, in particular was flooded with responses by people who did not buy it was a bird collision. Their guesses were rather obnoxious that went from pterodactyls to flying donkeys. That’s overdoing it.