Has the thought of smuggling a child from one country to another ever occurred to you? Well, somebody certainly gave it a serious thought and decided to give it a go. A father of an eight year old boy paid a girl, 19 years of age, to carry his son in her luggage on her flight from Morocco to a Spanish territory in Africa called Ceuta. The situation could have been so much worse had the X-ray photos not revealed the boy.

Illegal immigrant

The outline of the boy’s body is quite clear in the images. Once the image was there for everyone to see, the authorities conducted a thorough search of the luggage. The officials reported that the poor boy was in a pretty bad condition when they unpacked the luggage and discovered him in there. It is not at all surprising given that the innocent kid had been stuffed in the luggage.

The father was arrested shortly after for directing a girl to carry out a charade such as this. He had planned on meeting his son in the Canary Islands where he resides at present. Interestingly, the 19 year old girl who carried the boy was not even a relative; she just happened to agree to a mission assigned to her by a stranger. In case you were not aware, Spain often has to deal with illegal immigrants who try to fly in from different parts of Africa to Melilla and Ceuta in northern Africa.