You Can Play Pac-Man Inside Google Maps Right Now

You Can Play Pac-Man Inside Google Maps Right Now 1

So you happen to be an avid fan of Pac Man game? It seems Google realizes what a huge audience the game enjoys. That could explain why Pac Man is now playable in Google Maps at the moment. That is right; simply head to Google Maps on your desktop or laptop, and click on that Pac Man image you see on the bottom left corner of your display. Tighten your belts for the trip down the nostalgia lane.

Pac Man

Google analyzes the map and utilizes those roads to render each level for you. In case a given location is not fit for the game, it will automatically port you to a new setting. You could do it yourself if you wish to be ported to an area of your choice by simply selecting ‘I’m feeling lucky’. Take control of your pale protagonist and escape the deadly bite of your enemies as they chase you across those narrow streets.

Pac Man game

Things tend to get even more challenging when you are on mobile which has to do with that smaller display. More importantly, you will have to contact Google support if you are to locate hidden Pac Man pins in different locations. Unfortunately, that is the only way to see that Pac Man image at the bottom of your display. Oh, the things we do for playing retro games we love. When it comes to retro games like Pac Man, on would imagine that the force is even sronger.

How often have you imagined playing Pac Man on Google Maps before? It seems like a good way for Google to have fun this April. Be informed; though, this is not the first time Google has toyed with the idea of a Pac Man easter egg. About five years ago, Google introduced Pac Man in its Doodle as well. Even last year it let users catch a Pokemon on Google Maps. Now that Pac Man is here, it might be difficult for those already hit by high doses of nostalgia to get back to their work. So head over to Google Maps and start playing.