No part of school life is complete without there being time for recess. It is usually recess time for children’s lunch but it is not quite the same across the globe. That is true; the way children spend their time and where they spend it can differ as you move from one country to another. That is precisely what Photographer James Mollison did as he traveled to different countries in order to gather this information for his book called Playground.

1. Valley View School – Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya

Valley View School

2. Inglewood High School – Inglewood, California

Inglewood High School

3. Holtz High School – Tel Aviv, Israel

Holtz High School

4. Shohei Elementary School – Tokyo, Japan

Shohei Elementary School

5. Aida Boys School – Bethlehem, West Bank

Aida Boys School

6. Hull Trinity House School – Hull, United Kingdom

Hull Trinity House School

7. Kroo Bay Primary – Freetown, Sierra Leone

Kroo Bay Primary

8. Utheim Skole – Kårvåg, Averøy, Norway

Utheim Skole

9. Dechen Phodrang – Thimphu, Bhutan

Dechen Phodrang

10. St. Mary of the Assumption Elementary School – Brookline, Massachusetts

St. Mary of the Assumption Elementary School

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