This is What Happens When You Ask the Internet to Help Photoshop Your Vacation Photo

This is What Happens When You Ask the Internet to Help Photoshop Your Vacation Photo 1

One needs to be extremely cautious and careful when asking anyone on the internet to edit an image since people have a knack for going overboard with their editing skills. Every now and then, people get a bit too excited with their editing skills. That is precisely what has happened in case of a Dutch food blogger by the name Sid Frisjes. Frisjes captured a tourist photo of himeslf attempting to touch the tip of the Eiffel Tower. He asked 4chan, an online community to Photoshop the image for his sake. Here are pictures that demonstrate the work by many who helped him get his wish.

Sid Frisjes took the original photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Sid Frisjes

Frisjes pitched his request to the 4chan community, perhaps he regrets it now..


Here’s one that shows Eiffel Tower bowing to him

Eiffel Tower bows

Under the fingertip, as requested..

Under fingertip

or the extended arm to reach it

The extended arm

This still counts as The Eiffel Tower under the fingertip

The writing

This one seems like something straight out of a game

Eiffel Tower

This one teleports the top of the Eiffel Tower for some reason

The vortex

In this case, the man reaches out with some help

The crane

Now this is just uncanny..


Now they are just toying with multiple arms

Multiple arms

Some more help does the job, nicely

Help at hand

A friend in need..

Friend in need

Nayan cat comes to the rescue

Nayan cat

Teleporting the finger this time around

Deported finger

Eiffel Tower can also offer help..

Animalistic Tower

Make its fingers your own..

Head on


Doing it with some glamour and style..