This Amazing Street Art Is Only Visible When Its Raining

This Amazing Street Art Is Only Visible When Its Raining 1

Besides keeping little Johnny from going out to play, rain typically gives off the impression of being boring and dull. You do not necessarily have to be based in the United Kingdom to know how annoying it can get; people of Seattle experience frequent showers as well. The artists based in Seattle teamed up with the locals to materialize a creative idea to utilize the rain to spread some joy rather than dullness.

Rain art

Seattle art

Attention rain

The RainWork series thought up by the team was the final result. This is a piece of art that only becomes visible to the human eye when the floor is wet. It comprises images, messages as well as interactive games which can appeal to people of all ages. The basic idea behind this concept was to allow people of Seattle to enjoy the drizzle and get out there rather than being cooped up in their own places.

Artsy Seattle

Shining rain

Rain work

This form of art may not last forever but it has the ability to stay on for a few months prior to being faded away. In order to keep the environment clean in the process, the community used water repellant sprays that are biodegradable and eco friendly. It means that similar to invisible ink, the created designs are capable of being eventually dissolved.

Art on floor

Rain message

Rain magic

Message of the day: next time you happen to be in Seattle, enjoy the drizzle rather than fighting it.