One of the sad bits about growth in human beings is the fact that the apparel needs to be regularly updated. As kids grow up, more has to be spent on clothes and shoes since they begin to ‘grow’ out of them. Kenton Lee seems to have invented shoes that tackle this problem quite well. That’s right; these are the shoes that grow as the wearer does.

Kenton Lee

The sandal invented by Lee is able to adjust its size. This is said to largely benefit children in poor countries that often resort to walking barefoot since they can’t afford shoes anyway. These shoes easily last 5 years whether one opts for small or large size. It is a well known fact that children who do not wear shoes are vulnerable to a number of different parasites and injuries which can infect their feet.

Growing shoes

Growing sandal

Growing shoe

Shoe that grows

Shoes that grow

People often donate ordinary pairs of shoes but they end up being outgrown. These new sandals will take care of that issue given the five sizes that I can grow. You may order yourself a pair if you wish but the inventor wishes for you to allow people to send these to impoverished countries in bulk where they are needed more than anywhere else in the world.