Man Creates The World’s Smallest Drill Machine With A 3D Printer

Man Creates The World's Smallest Drill Machine With A 3D Printer 1

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Lance Abernethy is a maintenance engineer who has made something tiny yet impressive. Lance made use of the Ultimaker 2 3D printer which helped him build the world’s tiniest power drill which works just as well as you would expect from a regular power drill. Lance claims that it is the smallest power drill to date but those reports are not official as of now.

Smallest drill


smallest drill machine

Lance started this project once he designed a model which used a software called Onshape 3D. The software used a regular size power drill for purposes of reference. He needed to print two halves of the model which were to form the body of the power drill. Lance merely took a total of twenty five minutes to accomplish this task.

Power drill

World's smallest drill machine

It was the work that followed which took nearly three hours of his time. This involved the installation of a motor, a power button, wiring from a headphone cable and a battery from some hearing aid. The final product has dimensions of 17×7.5×13 mm. It can drill soft objects and Lance does not even plan to stop at this; he aims to build an even smaller power drill in the future.