Inside Facebook’s Incredible New Headquarters, Designed By Frank Gehry [PHOTOS]

Inside Facebook's Incredible New Headquarters, Designed By Frank Gehry [PHOTOS] 1

The latest headquarters that Facebook seems to have moved into closely resembles a mix of a kid’s daydream and corporate mindset of a genius. The social media giant switched headquarters to a massive 430,000 square feet campus this past week. This meant that Facebook now expanded its old headquarters close to Menlo Park in California.

Facebook headquarters

The new complex has been designed by renowned architect by the name of Frank Gehry. It packs high class furniture, sophisticated artwork, stairwells that spew the kind of amazing detail you would expect from a really old museum along with a 9 acre park on the roof.

Mark Zuckerberg
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CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has been upbeat about the latest campus and has been quite vocal on his Facebook page about how excited he is to have the largest open floor plan in the world. This clearly echoes with the rising phenomenon of strengthening bonds and team work among colleagues.

Facebook HQ

Zuckerberg highlights the fact that the main purpose was to design the perfect engineering space to encourage such close relationship among the employees. With such sense of comradery and community, better services could be provided to people who use Facebook with regularity. He stressed that it has been purposefully made simple.

Facebook office

It is worth noting that Facebook is not the only company that is focusing on this exercise of expanding. Apple is also engaged in building a campus that seems like a humongous spaceship. Moreover, Google has also revealed plans of expanding its space which reveals what you might see once you are out of that spaceship.

Facebook work

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Facebook’s new headquarters will accommodate nearly 2,800 employees. One would say it does moe than accomodating with all those perks that employees will be able to enjoy. It would not be surprising if some decide to consider it their own place of living. Facebook has not uploaded too many official images of the place for the audience to view yet. However, employees continue to let the world in on the inside of this new campus on Instagram as well as Facebook.