‘Humans of New York’ Photo Of A Girl Named Beyoncé Has The Best Comment Section On The Internet

'Humans of New York' Photo Of A Girl Named Beyoncé Has The Best Comment Section On The Internet 1

Humans of New York street photography project shared a picture to narrate the tale of a schoolgirl by the name, Beyonce. You guessed correctly, the girl lives with a celebrity name and the subject revolved around the difficulties that come with that. Fun really began in the comments section when people with strange names or celebrity names started to join in to show support or simply to share their frustration all the same.

Beyonce Facebook wall

Beyonce explained how she hated the name since it would attract people’s attention and she thought she wasn’t exactly a social person. When her teacher would begin to call attendance, she would get nervous each time at the thought of others learning she shares the name with a celebrity. She pictured her fellows singing ‘Single Ladies’ to mock her. Though, she believes people eventually came around and it was all settled.

Humans of new york

Here are a few amusing comments she received after she posted the above:

Will Smith comment

Jennifer Lopez comment

Mayo Naise comment

Kaity Perry comment

Julia Roberts comment

Bridgett Jones commentTanya Kluck comment

Merry Christmas comment

A beer can comment

Rachel Green comment

Butt comment

Siri comment

Fail to loss comment

Bond comment

Serena Williams comment

Burger comment

Ahs Hull comment

Holly Wood comment

Asia comment

Gym socks comment

Weed comment

[Source: Humans of New York]