US Farmers Are Monitoring What Their Cows Eat By Making Giant Holes In Them

US Farmers Are Monitoring What Their Cows Eat By Making Giant Holes In Them 1

Sustainable farming is starting to become common practice among most farmers of late. Organic farming seems to be the way to go for plenty. That explains the increasing trend of farms being converted in sustainable farming units. The concept basically utilizes the methodology to protect the environment from harm with the organic yield still being a healthy output.

Cow fistula

Organic farmers in the US seem to be following a rather unusual practice of crafting big holes in the bodies of their cows. It would be surprising if the world knew about this but it would not be surprising if even those who know did not know the reason behind the practice followed. The holes expose the stomach of the cows and are not exactly a sight to behold.


Truth is, this practice helps further the life of the cows and the cows do not even mind it much. Termed as Fistula, this method allows scientists to monitor the digestion system inside a cow’s body. Once the cows have had their fill, scientists can observe how the feed is digested within their systems. This is done by putting the hand through the open part in the body and feeling the consistency of digestion.

Fistula hole

As mentioned before, the cows do not mind while this goes on. It all sounds very rough and unconventional but apparently, it works well. In case of an illness, medicine is directly fed to the cow’s body through the same hole. Let us know what you think of this rather unorthodox method used by organic farmers and to what extent you agree with following it on a wider scale.