This Is An Incredible Treehouse That Protect Residents From Air and Noise Pollution

An architect from Italy named Luciano Pia envisions a true and pure bond between nature and human beings. He believes they can live together regardless of the kind of place. 25 Verde is a complex in Italy that sports his design. The 5-storey apartment complex is a blend of steel girders and trees which makes it seem like a massive tree house.


Apartment complex

Turin Italy apartment complex

All steps in the building have been built with a fair consideration given to natural integration. An asymmetric and organic shape of the terraces allows the trees to sprout out of the building every now and then. The provision of ponds in its courtyard allow people to refresh themselves in summers. As many as 150 trees enable the filtration of light when its dark.

Turin apartment

Italy apartment complex

Unique apartment complex

Turin apartment complex

Italy apartment

Turin Italy apartment

Schematics apartment complex

In addition, the air of the city remains fresh and the urban smells and sounds are filtered at the same time. In case you are still wondering, work on the apartment complex based in Via Chabrera, Italy was finished back in 2012. Interestingly, you may even have a look at it using Google Maps if you so desire.

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