Post Modern Skateboard Has No Board, Just Two Unconnected Wheels

Post Modern Skateboard Has No Board, Just Two Unconnected Wheels 1

Any product that makes its way to the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog promises a new world of entertainment. One of such exciting items to feature on those pages is the Post Modern Skateboard that easily falls in that category. Featuring a couple of 10-inch wheels, each sporting foot platforms, the Post Modern Skateboard looks unlike any other skateboard you have seen.

Post Modern Skateboard

A better way to refer to it would simply be ‘ring-shaped skates’. The wearer leans to each side in order to move forward. It is understandable that this will need some getting used to. The two separate skates can be put together using an extendable rod that comes as part of the package. This would come in handy for those who are still new and learning the art.

So-called Post Modern Skateboard

In essence, Post Modern Skateboard more closely resembles a caster board rather than a skateboard. For those who are unaware and wondering, caster boards are dual-wheeled human powered vehicles featuring a board which rotates in its center. Similar serpentine motion is needed to get Post Modern Skateboard to propel itself when the wearer wishes to move.

It is no surprise that people will still be left scratching their heads and wondering if this truly deserves to be called a skateboard when it does not really have a board. Some would go to great lengths to advocate for Tron colours and wish for it to be accepted at X-Games. Post Modern Skateboard may not be as popular as rollerblades used to be in 1980s but priced at $99.95, these could be perfect vehicles.