Laser Procedure Can Now Turn Your Eyes Blue For $5,000

Laser Procedure Can Now Turn Your Eyes Blue For $5,000

Storma Medical is a company based in California that is conducting a procedure that changes the colour of one’s eyes from brown to blue. It sets people back by a hefty amount of $5,000. You might think that is quite the price to pay for the change in colour of one’s iris but thirty seven patients based in Costa Rica and Mexico have already benefited from it. The company may not have received the approval by the US government to operate within the US but it is permitted to operate in specified countries outside of it.

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One does wonder how something this fascinating could be possible. Eyes are not something that is governed by cells with certain pigments. Instead, they come from certain structures which constitute a couple of layers of people’s irises.

Scientists observe that the colour of the eyes is dependent upon the interaction of black-brown pigment within the epitheliums with melanin, a dark pigment in the Stroma. In essence, any light that passes through the eye gets scattered which creates a blue hue. That simply goes to show that blue eyes have no defined colour pattern; instead, it depends on amount of available light.

If that same principle is to be believed, there is a blue eye below a brown eye. Light is able to enter the Stroma once the pigment goes away. Once the light scatters in the atmosphere, it bounces back the shortest wavelength which happens to be the blue end of the entire spectrum.

The procedure takes merely 20 seconds upon the completion of which a person has to wait for a number of weeks so that the body can get rid of the dead pigment tissue. There are certainly concerns about the safety of the procedure but you could decide to give it a go if you so desire. All that is required of you is $5,000 for the procedure other than the travel expenses for the excursion to Mexico or Costa Rica.