iPhone Explodes In Man’s Pocket Causing 3rd-Degree Burns

iPhone Explodes In Man's Pocket Causing 3rd-Degree Burns

Reports regarding Apple iPhone igniting itself in people’s pockets are not new. It seems like there is no stop to the hazard as another incident has been reported, Erik Johnson being the latest victim. This post explains how someone’s beloved iPhone mercilessly burned his leg to a crisp.

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Johnson spoke to the media, explaining that all it took was for him to bend over in order to pick up the keys. An otherwise friendly iPhone 5c in the pocket turned hellish right at that moment. He was immediately alerted by a suspicious sound emanating from his pocket. It was not long before he realized that the phone had raised hell around his thigh.

Johnson urgently needed medical care that kept him confined to a hospital bed for the next ten days. Apple promptly began to investigate the possible reasons behind the mishap. The usual suspects include third party chargers that are cheap and not approved by Apple. One needs to appreciate that considering the amount of smartphones sold each year, these are incidents are relatively rare.

[Source: ABC7]