It is not exactly ideal to pop out your smartphone when it is about showing videos to a large group of people. Fortunately, a $3 hack has now made that a much easily achievable task. The only things you require are a cardboard box, a magnifying glass, some paper clip, a knife and your smartphone ofcourse.

$3 Hack items

Trace the magnifying glass on one end of the cardboard box.

Cardboard box

Cut out a hole using the knife.


Secure the magnifying glass in the hole using duct tape.

Magnifying glass

Cut out a small hole through which you can insert a charger pin.

Hole in the box

Make a stand for your smartphone with the help of the paper clips.

Smartphone stand

Rotate the screen on your smartphone since a magnifying glass shows an upside-down image.

Screen rotation

Put the smartphone inside the box, set brightness to maximum and continue re-positioning for better focus.

Phone positioning

After finding the perfect point of focus, shut the box to project the image on a wall.

Close box

Voila! You just got yourself a cheap solution within minutes.