If you happen to be a fan of the popular superhero TV show ‘Arrow’, you would most probably fancy the idea of creating this makeshift rope using nothing but plastic bottles. Afterall, there is a lot of stuff that is simply wasted despite our focus on recycling matter. A YouTuber from Russia has turned plastic bottles into strong wire.

Plastic rope

The entire process replicates a cheese grater that comes equipped with a blade that can cut the bottle on an edge whereby the trimmed region is turned to the point that plastic rope is left. Viewers will not have a lot of trouble understanding the process in the video despite the Russian being spoken in it. Interestingly, the YouTuber pulled the rope to the end of his garden prior to it running out.


Using the rope is just as easy as you please. The video shows how to do it as he used the rope in order to tie wood logs together. What might be surprising to note here is that one does not even require a knot to accomplish that. Given that the rope has been fashioned out of plastic, it can be easily heated and melted to achieve its grip around the logs.