9 Useful Hotel Tricks You Must Know Before Your Next Stay

9 Useful Hotel Tricks You Must Know Before Your Next Stay 1

Each time we decide to book a room in a hotel, we are naturally interested in studying what the room must be like and what the surroundings seem like. Still, there remain things about hotels that we are not familiar with despite our long stay at the hotel. This post runs you through a few of those perks that you may be unaware of as you frivolously spend your days and nights at the hotel.

Cancellation fee

Nobody likes to pay the cancellation fee, why should you?

In case you are considering cancelling the stay at a chosen hotel, there is no need to abruptly cancel the stay. You could simply delay it for a few days. Once that period passes, call up the hotel management and cancel the stay for which you will not be charged.

Clean linens

What seems clean may not actually be clean.

It is a well-known fact that linens are not necessarily clean if they look clean. Hotels wash sheets each day while blankets are given the same treatment each week. Bed covers do not get the same treatment, though. That could mean a wash once a month so you better ask for clean bed covers.

Clean water

Think prior to taking a sip out of that glass of water.

There are a few hotels out there that clean their glasses using furniture polish. It might make those glasses squeaky clean but they will do your health no favour.

Early check in

Checking in early could be a bad call.

It is best avoid asking for an early check in. It is possible that the room might have been cleaned too fast by the maid in the process.

Hotel movie

Order the movie before you check out.

Plenty of hotels feature in-room films. You simply have to order your favourite film at the time of check out.

Online booking

Online booking is a bad option.

It is wise to call up the hotel and inquire the relevant details, directly if you seek a cheaper rate.

Hotel valet

Park at your own risk.

Hotels do not take any responsibility of any damage that valet may cause to your car so be aware of that.


Avoid touching that remote.

All that bacteria might cause common cold as you touch the remote.

Pool furniture

Do not trust that pool furniture.

Beware, the staff at the hotel do not regularly clean pool furniture. Do consider that fact before you take a seat on the pool chair in that hotel.