This MacBook Air Falls 1,000 Feet From an Airplane, Still Works

This MacBook Air Falls 1,000 Feet From an Airplane, Still Works 1

Apple MacBook Air isn’t just a looker but quite the survivor. True to its name, MacBook Air can take a flight and survive a crash to the ground. Redditor av80r, aka Carl, is quite fond of flying and wanted to quench his thirst as he embarked on a leisure flight in SportCruiser aircraft from Lanseria International Airport, South Africa. The canopy slightly opened as Carl went down the runway. He ignored it, thinking he could adjust it upon takeoff. However, it was too late when he did as the canopy opened up further and his MacBook went flying out.

Deformed MacBook Air

Carl was glad to have made a safe landing on the ground but he began search for his MacBook, HP 50g graphing calculator and pilot’s license as soon as he returned on the surface. A Thule bag contained these items before they went missing. Carl was pleasantly surprised to learn that someone on his Facebook had located the bag. It turns out a farmer nearly got hit by the bag as it came down at blazing pace. Carl was contacted once his Facebook details were located in the bag. He made sure that the farmer and his boss were financially rewarded for their help.

As for the MacBook Air, it still came on as usual despite being deformed in shape and having a disoriented trackpad. This forced Carl to use an external keyboard and mouse to operate it. The cooling system was also compromised which is why he had to use a desk fan to keep things running as normal. It’s worth noting that Carl had to post a screenshot of the correspondence with the farmer’s boss to make people believe his story. Ofcourse, the images of his deformed laptop had to complement those claims for anyone to believe him.

Fallen MacBook Air

Carl is pleasantly surprised by the durability and strength of the device. However, he plans to move on from MacBook to either MSI WS60 or Razer Blade 2015 in the near future. He is willing to get over Yosemite in favour of enhanced graphical processing functionalities, processing power and RAM.