This Guy Built The Most EPIC Camping Truck Ever That Will Blow You Away

This Guy Built The Most EPIC Camping Truck Ever That Will Blow You Away 1

Redditor tylerthompson21 is one who fancies adventure. He was planning something special, a vehicle, for his vacations but had limited resources at his disposal. He soon realized that the burden on his wallet would be too great if he were to acquire the perfect vehicle for his expedition. So what, he made his own dream machine.

He started to build a drawer with bolts and wooden planks at his disposal.

Wooden drawer

The angle irons helped him achieve a perpendicular structure for support purposes.

Angle irons

Traditional skateboard bearings were incorporated for easy access to the wooden drawer.

Skateboard bearings

He made the sliders using aluminium tubing.

Aluminium tubing

This is how it seemed once it was all put together.

Complete assembly

The drawer comes out in this fashion.

Drawer out

The cut out for quick access to the battery.

Battery access

Items that are usually required go in this storage area.


This locking mechanism keeps the contents secured on a bumpy ride.

Locking mechanism

Here’s the latch for that lock.

Latch for lock

This is the lock for the drawer.

Lock for drawer

Ofcourse, there is a latch for that too.

Latch for drawer

The application of Silicon means this drawer is water proof.

Water proof drawer

Polish keeps that wood looking spic and span.

Spic and span wood

Here’s the guard for the locks.

Guard for lock mechanism

The battery sits in its place.

Installed battery

Power sockets to keep you supplied with electricity.

Power sockets

The light is provided with these LED bars.

White LEDs

Can’t miss a beat with these speakers on board.


Pull the drawer out and make it a table for two, or more.

Table drawer

All set and ready to embark on the adventure. See you later.

Ready for adventure

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