New Study Finds Marijuana Much Safe Than Alcohol and Tobacco

New Study Finds Marijuana Much Safe Than Alcohol and Tobacco

If a recent study published in Scientific Reports is to be believed, Marijuana has been found to be about 114 times less deadly compared to alcohol. A total of seven deadliest drugs included in the study were as follows: alcohol, cocaine, ecstacy, heroine, marijuana, methamphetamines and tobacco. It has previously been regarded as the safest recreational drug but this comparison is a first.


Researchers were able to assess the risk of mortality with a comparison of lethal doses of each drug under consideration with amount usually consumed. Interestingly, there was a considerable gap between the dosage usually consumed and what can be classified as deadly. All the rest were rated medium or high.

This might be a far cry from the way law enforcement agencies react to the use of the drug. They are extra stringent in their stance against marijuana and arrests made are usually associated with that particular drug. Researchers believe that this is a lesson for law enforcement agencies to shift their focus on drugs that actually pose high mortality threats.

The authors highlight that studies comparing the dangers of drugs have been very few since the last decade. They are of the view that risk assessment usually involved anecdotal evidence that can heavily rely on nothing more than educated guesses. They went on to clarify that the study does not imply that alcohol consumption is deadlier than heroine use. Conditions such as dirty needles can contribute to the exact opposite. Thus, this study must be viewed as a measure of the deadliness of the substance itself.