Google’s Crazy New Campus Is Something Out Of A Sci-fi Movie [Photos]

Google's Crazy New Campus Is Something Out Of A Sci-fi Movie [Photos] 1

Google seems determined on getting mammoth headquarters in the near future. These are said to be huge canopied buildings that will feature open regions for employees to get together. It is not at all surprising considering Amazon has got orbs, Nvidia is set to work within alien polygons and Apple is creating a spaceship for itself.

Google headquarters

Google building

Google has clarified that the transparent canopies are fashioned in a way that they keep the climate in check. They let the air and light in along with some features from the outside of the building. David Radcliffe, Google’s real estate chief, revealed that Google plans on installing solar panels within the canopies. In addition, robots will raise and maneuver modular sections of the buildings.

Google campus

Google HQ

Four different sites will feature the transparent canopies. Nothing has yet been said about the way Google aims to prevent drones from eavesdropping from up above the towering building. The new building is designed by renowned architects Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick.