This Site Will Let You Ship Your Enemies ‘Glitter’ Anywhere On Earth, For Only $9.99

This Site Will Let You Ship Your Enemies 'Glitter' Anywhere On Earth, For Only $9.99

It turns out hacking is not the only sly means of anonymously pissing off your friends and foes. There is another effective method of remotely accomplishing the task. Why mail them that glitter-filled envelope, ofcourse! It is only a matter of time before they give into the curiosity and open that envelope only to have a glitter bomb explode before them. Oh yes, it is possible courtesy of ShipYouEnemiesGlitter.

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There is absolutely no rocket science involved here. The website explains most of the stuff and charges you AUS $10. Transfer those funds, forward them the address of the unfortunate being and wait for the glittery moment. In about a week’s time, your target will receive a seemingly pleasant envelope. By the time they realize otherwise, it will most probably be too late and they’ll be calling out for the maid to clean up the mess.

All that glitters is not gold, they say. Well, quite rightly. This is far from any gold that one would desire. Let’s be honest, this is the level of remote attacks we all can actually afford on the internet. Plus, there is not really any physical damage involved…unless your target learns you were behind this scheme the whole time.