The Amazing Escape: Snake Escapes After Being Eaten By Another Snake

A new photograph demonstrates something quite fascinating. What you see is a snake finding its way out of a serpent’s mouth after being gobbled up. This escape was only made possible after a pet cat attacked the larger snake before it could digest the smaller snake. Many are aware of songs which are based around the idea of a predator feasting on the other. Dick Mulder and his wife, based in Greece, witnessed it live.

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Mulder stated that his wife emphasized that the snake wasn’t dead when she saw it on the veranda. Mulder thought otherwise before he actually saw the snake moving. The thought that immediately hit him was to get a video camera to capture the moment. The moment only got better for his recording when a small head stuck out of the serpent’s mouth. It didn’t take long before the it fully got out and got away.

Andrew Gray, an expert in Corfu’s reptiles from Manchester Museum, was quite impressed by this tale. He mentioned that snakes often gobble up their prey head first mainly because the legs can be a snag, allowing animals such as rodents escape. Gray has only come across one such case whereby a predator was shot and the snake escaped through the bullet hole.

Though, Gray still remains uncertain about whether this time the snake wasn’t choosy about which side to gobble up first or if the whip snake managed to turn itself on the inside. Regardless, he believes that it must have been recently ingested as exposure to digestive fluids for a longer period could have resulted in its sad demise.

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