The iPhone 6 managed to survive a ‘great’ fall after it was taken to the edge of space. Mind you, we are talking about 100,000 feet above the Earth. This breath-taking footage demonstrates how Apple’s smartphone came soaring down against winds blowing at 70 miles per hour and freezing temperatures of less than -56 degrees Celsius. It remains attached to a weather balloon on the way up but eventually comes crashing to the ground with a vengeance. Guess what, it still continues to work inspite of shutting down during its way down, perhaps due to the extremely chilly weather. That’s some durability.

iPhone 6 drop test

iPhone 6 space tested

The company that demonstrated this iPhone stint attached two GoPro cameras, a weather ballon and a GPS locator to the rig. A parachute regulated the fall which appears to be good thinking on their part. The balloon was detached as soon as the rig exceeded 101,000 feet. However, the parachute could not fully serve its purpose as it sent the rig turning around like crazy. It crash landed in a field of 12 miles measured from where it took off but it was only the rig that broke. Co-founder of Urban Armour Gear, Steve Armstrong, is confident in claiming that his cases are now space tested.