Why Spaghetti Always Breaks In More Than Two Pieces? Here’s Your Answer!

Brace yourself scientists, physics and…Well all you geeks in general. In the text below we are giving you a solution to the riddle, which even the Noble Laureate Richard Feynman could not solve. The riddle is “Why does Spaghettis breaks into more than two pieces instead of two almost equal halves?”

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DISCLAIMER: It is originally the Smarter Every Day guys who found out the answer.

In their recent video published on Youtube, Destin from SmarterEveryDay explained the scientific reason behind the phenomena of Spaghettis Snapping. He first tests Feynman’s theory about Spaghetti Snapping, which says that it is the Vibration, which causes secondary fractures in Spaghettis. Destin and his team tried damping the vibrations by braking spaghetti submerged in the fish tank. The experiment failed and thus the theory.

The next experiment was to film spaghetti breakage by using the fastest research imagery, which recorded 18000 frames per second. This speed, according to Destin, is 10 times faster than any research paper ever stated in this regard.

While playing the frames at around 1200 fps, it was noticed that a third piece broke away from the first fracture point at its front where as its back appeared to be breaking downwards. Speed of the frames was lowered to get clearer picture. Destin concluded that it’s not the vibration but the curvature of the spaghetti and the counter torque forces, which are responsible for uneven snapping.

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