This Simple iPhone Trick Will Save You Tons of Space For Photos and Videos

This Simple iPhone Trick Will Save You Tons of Space For Photos and Videos 1

While partying with friends you decide to capture snap some shots, but the moment passes while you make some space for the photos on iPhone: If this is a been there done that situation for you, well, you have come to the right place! Today we will be discussing how you can maintain all your photos in youe iPhone and still have memory to capture new ones; that too WITHOUT upgrading hardware.

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Being the iPhone user you are well aware of the iCloud; cloud storage provided by Apple. All registered users are entitled for free 5GB storage, more storage can be bought at rates as slow as 0.99$ for 20GB. How is iCloud going to help increase the storage of the phone you ask? Well the iCloud Picture Gallery feature in the iOS 8.1 update will.

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The iCloud Picture library feature makes your phone smart enough to upload the original High Definition photo and videos to the Cloud storage and keep an optimized (compressed or smaller) version in your device. By doing this, you will save on the device’s memory while securing the original photos and videos at a safer place. Activate this feature and your device won’t disappoint you at the picturesque moment.

All you need is an iCloud account and a device updated to iOS 8.1. Once you have that, go to “Settings”, select “Photos and Camera”, then “iCloud Photo Library” and activate the “Optimize” feature. Another way to get to the iCloud Photo Library is to select “Setting”, then “iCloud”, find Photos and turn on “iCloud Photo Library”.