Meet the UY Scuti which is massive star that pulsates in the constellation Scutum. This big beauty is now the largest known star that also happens to be the most shining of all. If this star was to be placed in the middle of the Solar System, it would most definitely take up Jupiter’s orbit. Trust me, that says a lot about its size. What is even more intriguing is the fact that it is nearly 9,500 light years away from the Earth. This makes UY Scuti one of the nearest hyper giants to planet Earth. Oh what a feeling!

UY Scuti
Image courtesy: Haktarfone / Wikipedia

UY Scuti is known to pulsate for a 740-day period. Speaking of its high luminosity, the hypergiant shines 120,000 brighter than the Sun. Huge dust clouds surround the unstable star with flares stretching far beyond its borders. There is uncertainty about the mass of the star since there is hardly any visible companion star whose mass can be inferred. A few models suggest that it would not be greater than 50 times the mass of Sun.

I am not sure about you but I am certainly intrigued about the light from supernova reaching the Earth in 9,500 years. On second thought, not many of us would get to live that long.