Technology is breaking communication barriers between people since the beginning of time. To enable even smoother communication among people speaking different languages, a real time translator is the need of the hour. Microsoft has been working on such a technology to be used along with Skype. Earlier this week, Satya Natella, CEO of Microsoft, revealed a version of the Skype Translator still under development.

Skype Now Translates Spanish to English Calls In Real Time

The version of Translator, which was showed off by the CEO, works between English, German and Spanish. Natella claimed that they are working to include more languages. The CEO also stated that this version will be rolled out as beta for Windows 8 by the end of this year where as a commercial product will be available in next two and a half years. It is worth mentioning that the Translator might not come for free and might cost a few bucks.

Translating the languages in real time seemed impossible until a few years ago. A lot of organizations including Microsoft have been working to translate machine Languages for a decade. The improvement of voice recognition and development of technology, which translated real time voice calls, was the turning point for this research. The technology made its debut during the Microsoft computing conference in 2012, held in China.

Having an application to translate our language as we speak has been our wish for very long. The technology will not only bring people closer but also serve as a promoter of language diversity