We always wonder why the poor of our society is becoming poorer with passing time and the rich becoming richer. The debts somehow never leave us alone till we reach our grave. Once the college loans are taken care of, mortgage, health insurances, vehicle insurances, and all such installments take their place. “Why is it that the debt is never fully paid?” is the question answered by this little girl.

12 year girl secret

Victoria, hailing from Canada, gave a speech at Rotary Club, which hit the web and became the talk of the town. The speech was about the banking system of Canada and how it is responsible for the incredible Gross National Debt as well as Inflation. It is concise yet quite revealing a talk with simple logic and concrete evidences. Victoria very eloquently explains how large private banks collating with the government, make sure that the country remains in debt. Although the concept is explained with reference to Canada but applies to the rest of the world as well.

This 12 minute video not only points the flaws in the banking system but also suggests a solution. The solution presented by Victoria might not seem quite practical, but nevertheless provides a hope that it still isn’t too late to fix this menace.