Apple’s New Drop Protection Mechanism Can Change Your iPhone’s Angle While It’s Falling

Apple's New Drop Protection Mechanism Can Change Your iPhone's Angle While It's Falling 1

Are you prone to dropping your iPhone on a regular basis? Do you fear that it might be the end of it one day if it falls just at the wrong angle? If you are positive about the above, Apple has some good news for you. The latest patent that the company has acquired incorporates technology that could save a life (of an iPhone ofcourse).

Apple patent

It calculates the distance between the falling iPhone and the ground alongside calculations to deviate the phone enough to prevent critical spots from hitting the ground. They call it, Protective mechanism for an electronic device.

Protective mechanism for an electronic device

This little trickery incorporates a device which makes use of motion sensors that detect the free fall alongside calculating the trajectory as well as point of impact of the iPhone. What follows is a series of countermeasures that prompt the iPhone to alter its direction just enough to avoid critical components from crashing straight up. The patent mentions weight that is placed in the device which shifts. Rotary motors installed within affect the angular momentum of the device while the aerodynamic airfoils slow down the speed during the free fall. It is also capable of retracting and the components move within are accounted for upon direct impact. It is highly likely that it would tighten its grip over the headphone cable in such a case, thereby preventing the impact. In other cases, miniature pressurized gas cylinders can come to the rescue courtesy of the angular thrust.

Fallen iPhone, broken iphone

There is no reasonable assurance on whether this piece of technology will be evidenced with the next iteration of the iPhone. Though, it is still a step in the right direction as far as safety of smartphones goes. More often than not, these drops account for the majority of problems that a smartphone runs into in the long run. It is surely a lot more reassuring to know that your smartphone can look after itself in a crisis. Talk about acting all grown up.