EMC folks have recently pulled off stunts that make Vin Diesel’s antics seem like easy peasy chores. EMC and Lotus F1 team have now achieved the Guinness World Record for the longest jump. They were able to reach the height of 83 feet and 7 inches while they had a semi-truck bound over a Formula 1 racer. Essentially, this is the epitome of Vin Diesel excluding the penchant for all those crime and bad sequels, atleast.

EMC longest jump record, truck jump over lotus

Mike Ryan took upon the task of driving the truck. Sure, why not? He is a professional stunt driver, afterall. This was complemented by Martin Ivanov who took the driving seat in the F1 car. Car and Driver reports that the two individuals have previously been involved in stunts in high profile movies such as James Bond and Bourne. Ofcourse, the Fast and the Furious is a relatively recent experience in comparison to those old classics.