Tiger Stone Paving Machine Rolls Out Roads Like Carpet

Tiger Stone Paving Machine Rolls Out Roads Like Carpet 1

Building new roads can easily break one’s back. However, we all know how engineers are always trying to come up with ways to make processes better and simpler. Guess what, they now have a fresh brand of machinery which can churn out a road in an instant only to lay it out like a carpet. Director of the Dutch corporation Vanku, Henk van Kuijk is the one to thank for it. Say hello to the new Tiger Stone which can travel wherever you wish to take it and lay a road for you. Talk about access to services on the go.

Tiger Stone

All you need to do is to feed loose bricks in the machine. The machine then orderly lays all the bricks out as it moves along the path. It is not black magic it operates on; the secret is the smart use of gravity-based system. There is no denying that brick roads have a certain bit of class about them but the amount of effort required by labor is immense. Clearly, Tiger Stone is capable of eliminating the need for that much hard effort by eliminating the need for labor altogether. Where a paver could manage to lay bricks out to a maximum of 100 square meters a day, Tiger Stone lays them out 400 square meters per day.

Tiger Stone Paving Machine

Tiger Stone Paving Machine

Tiger Stone Paving Machine

Tiger Stone machine

For those concerned about noise pollution, the machine only has few moving parts so you would not have to bother with maintenance and noise for the most part. The built in sensors are a sensible addition which keep it on its course. As far as its width is concerned, Tiger Stone is atleast as wide as a full road. It is available in a total of three sizes; four, five and six meter widths. If you are going out to spend your hard earned money on this beauty, make sure you have a budget ranging from $80,000 to $110,000. Surely, plenty of folks would be hoping for a much smaller variant to rent in order to lay out a patio.