Nurses often struggle to locate the vein before they can draw a patient’s blood. Patients become vary of the fact that their arms needs to be jabbed at before being told that their veins are tough to spot. How ridiculous does that sound? If you share my opinion, you’d agree it’s almost embarrassing. However, there is finally a device that makes all such worries go away and make this process a whole lot less painful.

Courtesy Image: Red Cross Australia

In order to make this work, a beam of infrared light is targeted at the arm. Since the deoxygenated haemoglobin in the veins can absorb the infrared, it reveals the location of the nerves. More importantly, this device can now be used in hospitals as well as pathology clinics. This makes the process of blood donation a lot easier. Australian Red Cross is already putting this piece of technology to test in various clinics in Sydney.