Snails Kill More People Than Sharks, Hippos, Wolves, Lions, and Crocs Combined

You would normally associate high risks with animals such as lions and sharks. Can you ever imagine putting snails in that same category of dangerous creatures? You might be surprised to know that these little beasts contribute to the deaths of nearly 10,000 people each year. To put things into perspective, merely 120 people die at the hands of predators every year. Does that not leave you scratching your head as to how that is possible with snails? The answer is 10,000.


Bill Gates' infographic (pictured) highlights the world's 15 deadliest animals


Freshwater snails can be easily ignored as people consume water. Once inside the human stomach, these snails can lay eggs that can lead to a lethal disease called, Schistosomiasis. What follows is vomiting blood and paralysis of legs. Clearly, you can’t underestimate an enemy judging it by its size. Some interesting stats by Bill Gates support this assessment. Take malaria-carrying mosquitos for that matter. These are responsible for as much as 725,000 deaths per annum.

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