5 Secret Powers of VLC Media Player You Didn’t Know

5 Secret Powers of VLC Media Player You Didn't Know 1

VLC basically plays any video or audio format out there. But it also has some features that its most loyal users may not know of.

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1. Download Youtube Videos

Go to Media > Open Network Stream, paste the URL of the youtube video and click play. Under Tools, click ‘Codec Information’ and copy the text in the location box, then paste this link to your browser and right click the video that plays. You’ll see an option for ‘Save As’. You know what to do next.

record desktop vlc

2. Record your desktop

If you want to make a quick tutorial video, VLC can help you out. Under ‘Media’ click’Open Capture Device’ and select ‘Desktop’ in Capture Mode. Set the frame rate to 15-30 fps and click ‘Convert’ in the drop down arrow menu on the Play button. Set your codecs in the tools section and select a destination for your file. Then click ‘Start’, carry out the tutorial and click ‘Stop’.

video converter vlc

3. Convert Video

What?! Yes! Click ‘Convert/Save’ under ‘Media’ and add the file you want to convert. Click ‘Convert/Save’ and decide the type of file you want to convert it to under ‘Profile’. Give it a destination and click ‘Start’. Wait for the conversion and you’re basically done.

webcam vlc

4. Record your webcam

Click ‘Open Capture Device’ under ‘Media’ and select ‘DirectShow’ in Capture Mode. Choose your webcam in ‘Video Device Name’ and your microphone in ‘Audio Device Name’. Click ‘Advanced Options’ and select ‘Device Properties’ to use default settings with your webcam, otherwise customize the frame rate as you wish. Click ‘Okay’. Use the ‘Record’ button or refer to the ‘Convert/Save’ section of this post to save your video.


5.  Podcasts

Locate “Podcasts” in VLC’s sidebar and click the plus sign next to it. Enter the URL of the RSS feed of your Podcast. Click OK and Voila.