Man To Be ‘Eaten Alive’ by Anaconda on TV During Discovery Channel Special

Man To Be 'Eaten Alive' by Anaconda on TV During Discovery Channel Special
Courtesy Image: Joshua I YouTube

I still remember how intrigued I was upon watching the huge Anaconda gobble up men like they were nothing. Wait a minute; that was just the movie. It turns out that a filmmaker is suiting up only to be gobbled up by an Anaconda (yes, like in the movies!). There is nothing to worry about; though, as Paul Rosolie would be wearing a snake proof suit as he pulls off this stunt on a television special for Discovery Channel. I can already tell that this is going to prove quite profitable for Discovery Channel as far as TV ratings go.

Snake-proof suit
Courtesy Image: Joshua I YouTube

In case you missed the promo for the December 7th TV special on YouTube, check our the video below. The promo depicts a man stealthily approaching a seemingly harmless Anaconda before he is attacked and gobbled up. However, that is not shown in the promo so that is one clever way of inviting you to watch the entire thing on TV. The scene seems to have caught the attention of many environmentalists who claim that it would not be possible for Rosolie to get out of the snake’s body unless he cuts his way out of it.

The Deputy General Counsel of PETA expressed extreme disappointment over the issue. She is of the view that the idea is rather far-fetched and is likely to hurt a living thing just for the sake of thrill. Not only did she criticize Rosolie by calling him a pseudo wildlife expert but also lashed out at Discovery Channel for presenting such an opportunity to him in the first place. Discovery Channel made it very clear that the special will not be a hoax. Following all the criticism, Rosolie clarified that he would never hurt a living thing but viewers would have to watch the special if they are to find out how he managed such a feat. From what I know, snakes have a great knack of crushing the life out of their prey. Here’s hoping this snake-proof suit is strong enough.