A man thought that with Singles day just around the corner it was about the right time for a marriage proposal. He committed himself to the task of buying 99 iPhones which required a whopping $82,000. This is equal to a couple of year’s salary, to say the least. All these iPhone 6s were arranged in the shape of a heart on the ground as the man proposed to the potential love of his life.

99 iPhones for marriage proposal
Courtesy Image: Weibo

You would think that a plan so expensive would work like a charm, right? Sadly for him, the balloon was quick to burst and this dream was short lived. The girl simply refused the grand setup. Where is Siri when you need a broken heart put together? The pictures of the event went online rather quickly and surprised one and all. This just goes to show that putting your money where your mouth is does not necessarily always pay off.