Hilarious One Liners Perfectly Describing These 24 Countries

Hilarious One Liners Perfectly Describing These 24 Countries 1

The world is no short on humour. It is just so easy to find it in the simplest of one liners, is it not? Let yourself be entertained with the finest from 25 countries.

Washington DC

USA Version

If you have oil, your people need freedom and peace.

Madagascar Version

Let’s be honest, nobody gave a f*ck about us till the movies came out.

Afghanistan Version

You came. You saw. You got slaughtered.

Greece Version

We did a bunch of sh*t for mankind 10000 years ago, and now we’re bankrupt.

Australia Version

U.S.A in training

Tibet Version

We have two governments. One in Beijing, one in Dharamshala.


Sweden Version

Back to back World, War avoiders!

Italy Version

We were really important but now we make shoes.

Thailand Version

Men come here for ‘business trips’. Meetings happen in massage parlours.

Bhutan Version

We’re happy. We don’t give a f*ck.

Switzerland Version

Sure, we’ll take your money.

Portugal Version

We had a huge empire, now everyone thinks we’re Spain.

Canada parliament

Canada Version

Are we not American yet?

Greenland Version

Once upon a time, a couple of people just showed up. That’s it.

Malaysia Version

Dude, where’s my plane?

Mongolia Version

Still trying to figure out, who left us here.

Netherlands Version

Weeds and prostitutes. We live life.

New Zealand Version

Lord of the Rings

Eiffel Tower

France Version

We like eating cheese and surrendering in wars.

Poland Version

Goddamn Neighbours!

Russia Version

Then, things got worse.

China Version

2000 years ago we burnt books and built a Great Wall to stay as a shaky but united Empire. Today we’re basically still doing the same thing.

Great wall of China

Saudi Arabia Version

Family business disgusted as a country.

India Version

You don’t cast your vote. You vote your caste.

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