This Guy Is Offering A Plane Ticket Around The World To Anyone With His Ex’s Name

If you happen to be someone by the name, Elizabeth Gallagher it is certainly your lucky day. Thanks to one man from Toronto who is giving away a plane ticket that was originally purchased in his ex-girlfriend’s name for a Christmas vacation around the globe. Just so that it does not go to waste, the man posted his case on Reddit in order to find someone with the same name. 27 year old Jordan Axani stresses that getting the name changed is ‘damn near impossible’ so that is something that you must remember.

Here’s the complete travel itinerary:

Dec. 21: NYC —> Milan
Dec. 28: Prague —> Paris
Dec. 29: Paris —> Bangkok
Jan. 7: Bangkok —> New Dehli
Jan. 8: New Dehli —> Toronto

Ticket giveaway
Image courtesy: Jordan Axani via FaceBook

Axani made it very clear that he has absolutely no romantic intentions with the travelling companion. He mentions that the only thing he is concerned about is seeing some cool stuff and having a fun time together. Though, he does have a few requirements that you must satisfy if you are called Elizabeth Gallagher, ofcourse. Here they are:

  1. Be sane, smart and (hopefully) interesting.
  2. Have always wanted to travel, but maybe haven’t had the opportunity or cash to see much of the world.
  3. Be named Elizabeth Gallagher and have a Canadian passport.
  4. Be ready for a rather spontaneous life experience that will, one day, be an epic story that you’ll tell your kids.
  5. Pay it forward. I’ve been lucky in life and this is me giving back to the universe. Do something similar someday.