Woman Gives Birth To First Child Born Following A Womb Transplant

Woman Gives Birth To First Child Born Following A Womb Transplant 1

We have heard of all sorts of organs being transplanted but what about a mother’s womb? Could that be transplanted, one wonders. A successful experiment in Sweden seems to have made it possible afterall. A Swedish woman with a transplanted womb only recently gave birth to a baby boy.  The 36 year old lady was donated a uterus by her family friend in the past year. The friend was a 61 year old who had gone through menopause by the time of this donation. It is important to note that the baby boy was prematurely born by C-Section but the child and the mother are perfectly fine.

Baby from transplanted womb


This is surely great news not only for science but also the inhabitants of Sweden. Mind you, surrogacy is not considered legal in Sweden. The mother herself had no uterus when she was born but the ovaries were still functional. That meant that she could not have any kids without a surgery. Surgeons were still in two minds about the certainty of a pregnancy upon surgery. The transplant did have severe consequences whereby the mother almost rejected the organ on multiple occasions. Fortunately for her, the doctors prevented that from happening by incorporating some drugs even during her pregnancy.

Transplanted womb

The doctors are extremely pleased that this was a successful operation. The father of the baby is even more pleased and expressed his contentment with just one baby. The doctors are also unsure if it will be possible for the mother to carry a second child yet. Regardless, this is a great day for science and medicine.