This Minipresso Hand-Powered Espresso Machine Fits In Your Pocket

Who doesn’t love coffee? It is the need of every mind in the morning. However, a caffeine rich espresso coffee is not such an easy grab if you happen to be too far from Starbucks. In that case, you would need to get yourself a bulky espresso as well as mains electricity. However, a tiny espresso machine is here to take care of that problem and ensure that your coffee goes where you lead it.

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This miniature machine combines hot water as well as coffee grounds in espresso. This comes courtesy of some elbow grease to the machine’s pump. You might think that it is a bit unnecessary using on a daily basis but it surely comes in handy when camping. It is probably not such a bad idea to take it to the office also. If you are feeling up to it, you may preorder one for $39 and expect delivery by early next year.

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