The Assault Rifle You Can Make At Home, For A Mere $1,200

The Assault Rifle You Can Make At Home, For A Mere $1,200 1

Are you a fan of rifles? This might sound like good news then: making semi-automatic rifles at home without any background checks, serial numbers and waiting period is about to become a piece of cake. The guy responsible for the world’s first ever 3D printed gun, Cody Wilson, has now started to sell all in one desktop CNC mill which he calls the Ghost Gunner. This device is capable of producing an AR-15 rifle’s aluminum lower. Just so that you know, AR-15 rifle is the civilian variant of what we usually know as the M-16 assault rifle. It’s about to get guns and roses pretty soon.

Ghost Runner

Interestingly, the lower receiver of the gun that connects the magazine, the barrel and the stock along with various components of the gun is considered a firearm itself under the US law. The one incorporated here is called the 80 percent lower that is automatically milled into an active part of the device. All that is required of you is to purchase all the parts that remain which are readily available online in order that the rifle can be assembled. This brings you one step closer to making your own unserialized rifle at home.

Cody Wilson

As far as prices go, the Ghost Runner will be available for preorder this week from as low as $999 right up to $1,299. The organization Cody Williams works for has already sold out 175 units in one day. 100 more followed right the next day. It might seem like this latest experiment makes the manufacture as well as assembly of guns fool-proof but it is not quite a pragmatic method. An AR-15 ends up costing $2,000 anyway which is two times the price usually charged at the local gun shops. Truth is that people who know there way around the manufacturing of guns have been doing this kind of stuff for the past few years now; this merely streamlines the procedure. Cody Wilson claims that he is attempting to cut off gun regulations with projects such as Ghost Runner.