23 Things You Definitely Should Have Learned In School

23 Things You Definitely Should Have Learned In School 1
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It is obvious that there are some things that you have been kept in the dark about during your time at school. Allow me to shed light upon some of them.

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1. How they made ice cream cone

Ice cream cones
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2. How they made the Big Bird suit work

Big Bird suit
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3. How they distribute WiFi in apartments

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4. How they grow a beanstalk

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5. How they camouflage a helmet


6. What happens when they apply sunscreen

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7. What happens when dogs drink water

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8. How Micheal Jackson could defy gravity

Micheal Jackson shoes
Image courtesy: CBS

9. How braces change your teeth

How braces change your teeth
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10. How they sort coins inside a machine

Coin machine
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11. How they tie pretzels

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12. How they produce beautiful music with a trumpet

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13. How they film using green screen

Green screen
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14. How they fill peanut butter jars

Peanut butter jars
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15. How they put stuff into a Pop-Tart

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16. What happens when they put a key in the hole

Key in the hole
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17. How they wrap hay bales

hay bales
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18. What happens when you swallow

When you swallow
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19. How they produce paper clips

Paper clips
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20. How light affects water

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21. How Dandelion lives on

Life of Dandelion
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22. How traffic jams are possible without accidents or inclement weather

Traffic jam
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23. How human face is formed in the womb

Human face
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BONUS: How flight patterns change

Flight patterns
Courtesy Image: YouTube