14 Things About Coffee You Didn’t Know Before

14 Things About Coffee You Didn't Know Before

Here are 14 things about Coffee you didn’t know before.

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1. It is believed that coffee was first used in Ethiopia but it was eaten rather than drunk. The beans were ground up and turned into energy bars after they were mixed with animal fat.

2. Coffee was originally called “Qahwa” when it was taken from Africa by Arab traders in 1000 A.D. The name can be translated as “that which prevents sleep.”

3. A more obscure use was to clean the liver. It was given as an enema and they also insisted it cured cancer.

4. There have been DIY coffee enema kits for sale on Amazon since Prince Charles championed them.

5. According to research carried out by Harvard School of Public Health drinking at least 6 cups a day can prevent death from prostate cancer.

6. According to Lund University Coffee could reduce the chance of breast cancer of type CYP1A2.

7. It seems that cup size is important when it comes to both coffee and breasts, as women who have small breasts tend to drink more than 3 cups daily.

8. Coffee is also seem to be a conduit when it comes to out of body experiences and hearing voices according to psychologists at Durham University in the UK.

9. Coffee purchases take up a large part of the expenditure of the average American as they spend $40 billion each year on buying coffee.

10. It has been estimated that there are 1.6 billion – or there about – cups of coffee consumed world-wide each day.

11. Coke may have a lot of caffeine but when buying coffee at Starbucks, you will get the same amount in one 16 oz. coffee – they call it the grande – as you would in 9 and a half cans of Coke.

12. 37 gallons of water is needed to make one cup of coffee although most of this is taken up in the growing and processing rather than the actual brewing.

13. There are concerns that coffee growing areas are being eradicated according to London’s Royal Botanic Gardens. It is feared that the eco systems needed to grow coffee beans in South Sudan and Ethiopia will soon be gone. The good news is that there are many other coffee growing areas.

14. If you want coffee that is naturally decaffeinated then you will have to drink Coffea Charrieriana that comes from Cameroon.