10 Most Annoying Facebook Statuses That Need To Stop Right Now

10 Most Annoying Facebook Statuses That Need To Stop Right Now 1

Let us be very clear about this: the real social networking began with the almighty Facebook. It has always been and still is, a great way to keep close ties with friends and family. Moreover, it has been a platform for all and sundry to express themselves in public courtesy of those status bars.

annoying facebook statuses

It sounds all fun and games, right? Trouble is, this works just like any other form of technology. It is all good until you begin to misuse the resource. There are many of those who are doing it the wrong way. Here is an educational list.

Updating 24x7

1. Updating 24×7

“Goodmorning, everyone. Going to brush my teeth.”

Hashtag galore

2. Hashtag Galore

“Hanging out with friends. #friendsforlife #BFF #hangout #happyhunting #hangoutwithfriends

Just checking in

3. Just Checking In

“John just checked in at his hotel with Tina”

One with feels

4. Ones With Feels

“Feeling so blessed <3 :* 😉 :)”

High on quotes

5. High On Quotes

“We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning.”

Clever ones

6. The Clever Ones

“The world is a dark place. My soul is free. I think I’m a television.”

Long, boring types

7. Long, Boring Types

“I walked out through the door today. And when I did I came across another door. I crossed it and then I crossed the street. When I walked on to the other side, I realized how selfish we humans are. The very face that… Read more”

Exposing in public

8. Exposing Them In Public

“You know I am talking to you. You proved me so wrong. Now the whole world would know about you.”

Endless tagger

9. The Endless Tagger

“Hey everybody @dad @mom @uncle @aunt @friend 1 @friend 2 @friend 3…[email protected] 164”.

Careless whisper

10. The Careless Whisper

“My sweetheart, I miss you soooo much. I want to hold your hand and sleep in your arms. Come to me soon.”

Note: Wherever you are and whatever you do, please don’t try this at home..or anywhere for that matter.