Is This The World’s Most Handsome Man?

Is This The World's Most Handsome Man? 1

The hunt for the most handsome man in the world begins here. One model considered is the most handsome man under 30 while the other is over 30. While one combines the curly hair of Harry Styles with deep blue eyes of Zac Efron, the other blends the spiked beard of David Beckham with short grey hair of George Clooney. Apparently, one gets the perfect male beauty when the features marked in these two faces are combined. Ofcourse, it is brought about by combining the most loved features in celebrities. Let us take a more detailed look at them.

Perfect face

One model features the perfect face of a man with famous features of young male performers. The other model features the most popular features of stars that are over 30 years of age. These models were designed after 1,000 people participated in a survey conducted by Crown Clinic in Manchester. The face of the man under 30 is complemented by the jaw line of Ryan Gosling and the nose of James Dornan. Conversely, the model over 30 benefits from a jawline similar to that of David Gandy and actor Brad Pitt’s nose. It seems like participants were very particular in their choices.

Perfect male face

There are a number of deductions that can be made in light of the survey. Evidently, older models seem a lot better with a beard while a stubble suits stars under 30 better. George Clooney seems to have convinced fans that grey hair enhances sex appeal rather than fading it. That explains why a majority of people wish to replicate the hair styles of George Clooney and David Beckham. Regardless of their hairstyles, they look good more often than not. It appears to be the exact same case with their beards as well. Whether they keep a stubble or full beard, it suits them all the same. Doctor Asim Shahmalak believes that while greying hair might not hinder sexiness, going bald surely spoils the party for plenty of people. Superstars such as Wayne Rooney and Robbie Williams have contributed to Crown Clinic’s success rate in the past.

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