Pedestrians in China seem to be taking texting on the go too seriously. Local authorities are mindful of the fact and intend to take their safety just as seriously. As a result, separate lanes for texting-crazy pedestrians in Chingqing city are being made. Now it is  much easier to keep to your lane.

Texting lane china

The sidewalk spans about 100 feet and is marked by signage in English and Chinese languages. Besides the warnings that have been painted on the walkway, there are signs put up in the vicinity to notify pedestrians. Many believe that this is a move to remind pedestrians that cellphones are not meant for use while walking on the street.

Texting lane

Nearly every move made with this intention has failed in the recent past. Pedestrians have persisted with the habit of burying their heads in their smartphones while others struggle to make their way past them. It is both, ridiculous and frustrating. Here’s hoping this trend grows beyond all the boundaries.