This 24-Karat iPhone 6 Could Be Yours For Just $50,000

This 24-Karat iPhone 6 Could Be Yours For Just $50,000 1

Don’t you think there has been too much news on those first ones who got their hands on the Apple iPhone 6? What about those few who wait for their “collector’s edition”? Ofcourse, there is always that group of people that eagerly waits till the special batch of iPhone smartphones is released. Surely, it comes at a special cost. If you are lost, we are hinting at the gold iPhone. Inevitably, this one is for those with boatloads of money at their disposal as these beauties start at $50,000 right upto $130,000. Those uninterested would just buy a car instead.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Gold

This iPhone 6 variant packs 24-karat gold which is enough to bring out the smug in you. It is expected to sport 128GB of storage. Arguably, the best bet for interested folks is to go with deals by Gold & Co. I doubt that it ever occurs to those with unlimited funds but the common man would think atleast twice about spending on a gold iPhone. The natural thought process would suggest allocating that hard earned money elsewhere. Even if you are crazy about it, Gold & Co. would serve you best. It goes without saying, your only job would then be to be careful not to test it in a microwave oven or in the water for that matter.


Special iPhone 6

Following the release of each iPhone so far a gold iPhone by third parties has been released at a significantly high price. It is easy to figure that there does exist a market for these glittering products. If you are sure about going the gold way, you may well treat yourself to However, be careful not to let a drop touch the pure gold on your Apple device or you run the risk of turning it into a paperweight. That would be a real bummer considering the sheer amount you spend.